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16GB iPhone 5s Unlocked

Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB - White & Silver (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone  May 11, 2023 – 02:11 am
IPhone 5s Logic Board, 16GB

I'm a believer! I bought 2 identical unlocked iPhone 5 at the same time, now 8 weeks later, Straight Talk user

Good: all around good phone. So much better than the phones we had, Droid 3 and Samsung Galaxy Ace. I'm a non-Apple guy; I can't stand all the pretentiousness related to Apple products. HOWEVER... it IS a good phone! What specifically? It's fast, I can't imagine the phone being faster and working any smoother. The reception is good. With the same Straight Talk service as before, I can actually go out of town and expect to be able to text and call. Before with a Samsung Galaxy Ace once I left the city limits I might as well have left the phone at home, because all I had was a "no service" icon. Every extra app I have added and kept on the phone works great as well.
Not-so-good: battery life. This phone as well as the other when first received would not go for 3-4 hours just sitting around doing nothing. So do an internet search for "prolong battery life iPhone 5" or something similar and you'll soon be happier with this than your previous non-iPhones. My wife (this phone) has a genuine Apple charge cord but I have an after-market one; both seem to charge the same. Now the battery life is acceptable; on a full charge you can go pretty much all work-day.


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