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iPhone 6 Case vs Sleeve: Which One Is Best?  July 29, 2022 – 09:07 pm

iPhone-6-sleevesCases are one of the most popular accessories for the iPhone 6, but a similar accessory that doesn’t get much love is the sleeve.

A sleeve is a type of case that provides all-around protection for your iPhone except for an opening at the top you where slide your iPhone in and out, and even then, the openings can overlap the top of the device, still allowing some sort of protection.

While iPhone 6 sleeves are a bit harder to come by as far as selection goes, they’re a great alternative accessory that still protects your device but without the need to constantly have a case on. Not everyone likes cases, as they can add bulk and weight to an otherwise thin and lightweight device.

With a sleeve, you still get the protection that a case can provide, but whenever you actually want to use your iPhone, you can quickly take it out of the sleeve and use it without having the bulkiness of a case.

Of course, most accidental drops come from actually using the device, so a sleeve might not be the best option for the ultimate protection, but for those who usually go caseless and want some added protection, a sleeve can be a good option.

However, if you’re not sure if you should go with a case or a sleeve for an iPhone 6, here are some things you should keep in mind when making your decision, which will hopefully push you in the right direction as far as what kind of protection you want.


Perhaps one of the biggest differences you’ll see when it comes to iPhone 6 cases or sleeves is the amount of selection with either options.

The iPhone 6 Plus leather case from Apple is a great fit.As you probably already know, there are a ton of options when it comes to choosing an iPhone 6 case. There’s literally every style and color imaginable, which isn’t too surprising considering cases allow users to add a bit of personality to their iPhones.

Sleeves don’t offer this kind of selection, simply because they’re not as popular as cases are, so manufacturers don’t usually spend a lot of time making a huge selection of sleeves. However, what few sleeves are available out on the sleeve market are rather impressive.

For instance, we’ve been playing around with two of the best iPhone 6 sleeves that we could find. One is the and the other is the (both pictured above). Both sleeves provide an elegant and classy look made out of leather, and are two of the best options that we’ve found.

However, those aren’t a lot of options, so if you’re looking for a type of protection that also offers a lot of different styles and colors, a case might be more suited for you, but if you can find a sleeve that suits your tastes, then more power to you.


Perhaps one of the biggest factors when deciding between products is the price. Luckily, the decision shouldn’t be too difficult, as cases and sleeves are about the same cost, depending on what case and sleeve you’re comparing.

The Sena Heritage UltraSlim is priced at $40, which is just $5 cheaper than Apple’s leather case for the iPhone 6. The Proporta iPhone 6 sleeve is priced at $34 and it comes with a much more rugged and durable design than the Sena sleeve, but it doesn’t look quite as classy as the Heritage UltraSlim.

For comparison, most leather cases for the iPhone 6 will cost you at least $30, unless you can find a fake leather case for less than that, but if you want the look and feel of a real leather case, you’ll have to pay up. Otherwise, you can easily find cheap, plastic cases for under $15 most of the time, with military-grade protection costing well over $40, including some popular options from Pelican.

Level of Protection

As mentioned earlier, iPhone 6 cases will provide the best protection over a sleeve, since the case is attached to the iPhone 6 at all times, whereas a sleeve only protects an iPhone 6 when you’re not technically using it.

With a sleeve, you have to pull your iPhone 6 out and use it without any protection, and since most accidental drops are during actual use, this isn’t the best option for some users. However, if you hate the bulkiness of cases, a sleeve is a good option to have, as it will give you an extra layer of protection that you wouldn’t have otherwise without succumbing full-time to an iPhone case.


iPhone 6 Plus Case, 6s Plus SaharaCase Protective Kit (Clear) + [ZeroDamage Tempered Glass Screen Protector] Rugged Slim Fit Cover [Shock-Absorbing Reinforced Bumper] Scratch-Resistant Hard Back
Wireless (Sahara Case)
  • For iPhone 6/6S Plus. Made from clear rubberized TPU and crystal clear scratch resistant plastic with a non-slip grip and an ultra-premium finish
  • Express yourself with this Transparent Crystal Clear case by SaharaCase
  • Built-In Camera Hood enhances photo and video vibrancy by reducing lens flares while protecting the camera lens from scratches
  • Ergonomically designed to allows easy access to buttons and ports, while using premium rubberized and plastic material to look great for the life of your phone
  • Designed by veteran phone repair engineers. The SaharaCase Mobile Protective Kit Includes a case, ZeroDamage tempered glass, alcohol prep pad, microfiber cloth...
LimitStyle LimitStyle Lightning Saver (Black Nickel Plating / 4-Pack) - Protective for Apple USB Lightning Cables (for Apple iPhone / iPad mini / iPad Air)
Personal Computer (LimitStyle)
  • This package contains Lightning Saver x4 (for Apple iPhone cable, iPad cable)
  • PROTECT Apple (iPhone, iPad) charging cord before it breaks, no more broken Apple Lightning cable. Must-have apple accessories for avoiding annoying fraying cable.
  • COVER the vulnerable area of the Apple power cord. Soft rubber material at the connector disperses pressure, and its hard-plastic casing clips further strengthens...
  • COMPATIBLE with all models of Apple charging cable: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 4s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, iPad mini (all model), iPad Air (all model) iPad. Recommended for...
  • COLORFUL clips also work as identification and personal style.
Cell Phone Wallet by Cellessentials: (For Credit Card & Id) | Works with almost every phone | Iphone, Android & Most Smartphones | 3 Pc Pack (Black, White, Grey)
CE (Premium Shoppe)
  • Same High Quality as comparable much higher priced cell phone wallets. Guaranteed or we will gladly take it back.
  • All we ask is that when you are pleased, give us an honest product review. Credit Card/ID Wallet peels and sticks to the back of all iPhones, Android and most Smartphones.
  • High quality 3M adhesive on back of wallet attaches to any cell phone or case. **If using a Silicone case on your phone, it is best to apply wallet directly to the...
  • Holds up to 3 cards securely. Silicone cell phone Credit Card/ID Wallet with 3M adhesive tape.
  • Easy access to your most active cards. Give the extra s away, still less expensive than most comparable cell phone wallets.
JETech iPhone 6 Screen Protector, JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s 4.7
Wireless (JETech)
  • [3D Touch Compatible]. NOTE: Due to the round edge of iPhone 6/6s, the screen protector will NOT cover the full screen, but only the flat area.
  • Made with high quality 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges exclusively for Apple iPhone 6/6s 4.7. Fits iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s new model released...
  • High-response, high-transparency, and high transparency
  • Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easiy installation, bubble free.
  • Retail package includes: 1-Pack tempered glass screen protector, cleaning cloth, instruction
Caseology iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Burgundy] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 (2016)
Wireless (Caseology)
  • Dynamic Aesthetics: Soothing lines add some calm to your busy life
  • Soothing Texture: The three-dimensional pattern provides a secure, comfortable grip
  • Reliable Protection: A TPU sleeve and polycarbonate bumper keep your phone safe from falls
  • Military Grade Certified: Meets latest military standard [MIL-STD 810G-516.7], passing 26 steel drop tests
  • iPhone 7 Case for Apple iPhone 7 Only (2016)

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