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10 best file syncing apps

 May 8, 2017 – 07:43 pm

What your like would look like without computer at home, in the office, laptop in the car and mobile in the pocket? For sure, it would be much harder. In the modern days, we have to deal with a great amount of information and sometimes it becomes hard to put it all together. That is why some apps that provide you with the access to the same files from different devices were created. The list below contains the information about the top 10 best sync apps.

1. Syncplicity

After the installation of Syncplicity to your Mac or PC, you can choose some folders to place in a 2 GB storage. If you use 2 machines, the app is free. Still, if you want to get the access with unlimited machines and to expand the storage to 50 GB, it will cost you about $10 per month.

2. Live Sync

This app uses you Windows Live ID as a key to files on a designated machine. That is why the process of synchronization is fast and easy. Live Sync provides you with three free accesses from Microsoft.

3. Live Mesh

The same to Live Sync, Microsoft Live Mesh uses the same computer-to-computer synchronization system. Still, it has one more advantage: you can backup folders with the web. The free storage is 5GB, pretty enough for documents and images.

4. SyncToy

The app is mainly oriented to photographers and works with Microsoft Windows. It allows creating and duplicating folders on different machines, as well as external drivers.

5. Mobile Me

The app, created for Apple Mobile users, allows storing contacts, files, and photos online. It syncs the data with OS X apps, iPhone and Windows. The app will cost you minimum $99 per month.

6. Dropbox

The app backup data to the web and has a free 2GB storage. It is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you want to extend the storage to 50GB, it will cost you about $10 per month.

7. Carbonite

The app will cost you about $50 per month, allowing using the same functions as Syncplicity and Dropbox offer. It works both with Mac and Windows.

8. MozyHome Free

The app has a free storage of 2GB and the unlimited access for $4.95 per month. Besides standard synchronizing functions, it allows handling with Exchange, Outlook, and SQL databases.

9. SyncBack Freeware

It is free and allows syncing folders between two machines. The online synchronization is also available. If you need more than the free version offers, use commercial version.

10. Sync.Net

The app, known as the best Outlook Android sync freeware is available on It has a free storage of 2 GB and the ability to upgrade to the business account. Sync.Net is absolutely safe, easy and use and multifunctional.

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