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How to Write a Smartphone Review  October 17, 2017 – 06:57 pm
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  1. Increase your background knowledge of the device you'll be reviewing. The best smartphone review will result from drawing on your extensive personal experiences with the basics of the device. Without understanding these thoroughly, your review won't be able to enlighten potential buyers, so be sure to be thoroughly comfortable with the basics.
    • If you don't already own the smartphone in question (for example, if you're reviewing a range of phones for your blog), visit one of the smartphone carrier's retail store and play around with the phone, or ask a friend who owns the device if you can use it for a day. Learn about the phone's features, design, pros, cons, and the price.
  2. Introduce the smartphone. Start with the facts. Be sure to provide the smartphone's name, and any nicknames that it might have acquired in the market as consumers use it. Some consumers will only refer to nicknames when searching, so cover all bases. Give a basic rundown of its cost, availability, network coverage, plans, etc. as relate to your region (noting that it is also important to point out where you're reviewing from and the mobile carrier you're using, given that the internet is worldwide).Image titled Write a Smartphone Review Step 2 It's also really helpful to introduce the review with the reason why you have chosen to review it.
  3. Break down your review into categories. At this point, you can give your opinion about the phone's particular features. Outline or detail the features in different categories, such calling, text messaging, camera, MP3 abilities, navigation, web browsing, etc. This way, your review will be more thorough without being too confusing. It's a good idea to headline each category and to write succinct explanations for each part of the phone; a potential buyer won't linger too long for the advice.
    • Talk about what you like about the smartphone you're reviewing, how easy it is to use, what features in particular are of worthy note.
  4. Always include the phone's drawbacks along with its better features. Readers of your review will be more pleased with an honest, fair opinion of a popular smartphone than a highly biased or positive review of a particular device. Plus, it's a lot more trustworthy if your review is balanced.Image titled Write a Smartphone Review Step 3 In addition, it can be really helpful for future designs of the phone and for customers to know the ways in which you think the phone could be improved. This helps to give customers a heads up on weaknesses that they can choose to manage around or perhaps prefer a different phone instead.
    • Look at the advertising blurb accompanying the smartphone. Consider whether you think the smartphone in question lives up to the hype or whether there are aspects that you don't agree with. It will be important to compare your experience with the advertised promises.
    • Even summarizing the review with the best "pro" and the most annoying or disabling "con" can be a good overall summary for readers. For example, "Pros: This smartphone has a battery that outlasts any of its competitors in the same niche. Cons: Its price and the limited color range."
  5. Be sure to include photos detailing all of the features described.Image titled Write a Smartphone Review Step 4 If you are recording a video review, try filming with a high-definition camcorder for optimum viewing because the clearer it is, the better.
  6. Reach a conclusion. At this stage, it is helpful to conclude by giving your overall impression of the smartphone and your experience of using it, along with encouragement to try it. It helps to clarify if you think the smartphone will only be of use to some people (such as a business person or a teenager, etc.), or whether you think the phone is ideal for anyone; once again, that sort of conclusion is up to your opinion of its utility.
    • Post your review on a blog, on a review site, or anywhere else relevant and be sure to respond to comments made to you. Sometimes developers will also respond if your review has struck a chord, so it pays to monitor your review actively for a good period of time.

Community Q&A

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  • If you have spotted anything unusual about the smartphone that hasn't necessarily being promoted as a feature, such as an ability to use it somewhere that your previous phones have never worked (for example, if doing field work, etc.), be sure to point this out. Your personal experiences can influence other people who might be in the same situation as you.
  • You might like to extend your reviewing skills to apps that are supported by the smartphone in question. In this way, you can build a large repository of useful information related to the topic of smartphones.


  • Be objective. If you love Android, don't just simply hate the iPhone. Be objective, and try to explain any issues you find with some clear and concise words. Don't try to mimic a paid publication on the take from a manufacturer like Apple.
  • A review is not a rant. If your smartphone turned out to be a complete lemon, contact the retailer and manufacturer before letting loose your frustration online. You may have been unlucky enough to get a faulty phone, or you may not be using it correctly, or the company may find a problem thanks to your complaint and do its best to rectify it with you.


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