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IPad vs Samsung Galaxy tablet

Apple iPad (1st Gen) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0  September 26, 2020 – 09:38 am
Ipad vs Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Tragically out of date, this tablet had issues from the get-go which modern tablets have mostly addressed. It's got no camera's, has only 480p video output, it's browser is hardly capable of properly putting up websites (especially web 2.0), it crashes incessantly, is quite sluggish even to move from screen to screen (this may be in part due to updates it could only partly keep up with) and is not compatible with most modern apps. That said, it can still do basic web searches and display webpages that aren't overly complicated. It's old YouTube app (which you can't delete) no longer works, but the new YouTube app does. Unfortunately, youtube videos linked rom Safari are hardcoded to the old YouTube (there is no setting). If you're looking to run an old app though, the performance is still very acceptable and won't let you down.

By: keeper-of-keys | 3 / 5 | 20 months ago

Review has error: RAM is 256 MB, not GB.
It is a fine machine that was innovative upon its release, but cannot withstand the test of time - websites continually crash. Otherwise quite functional + durable (have had for 3+ years and dropped it while biking - still ticking).
As with all Apple products, OS and hardware are unpleasantly inflexible.

By: Stefan Jordanovski | 4 / 5 | 4 years ago

This iPad is good but he is first generation I have this one I can told you that he is easy to use he have some defects but is ok.He is great for ppls who work on internet and he have very good staff for that.


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