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Cell Phone Plans: Cheap, Prepaid Plan Prices | Best Value  December 10, 2018 – 09:57 pm
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From light data users to heavyweights - and everybody in between - Cricket has what you need.

Choosing the right cell phone plan is important. If you get a plan with too little high-speed data, you could run out, making it difficult to surf the web quickly, stream your music, or do many of the things you enjoy on your phone. On the other hand, if you're a light data user, you could buy a plan that has more high-speed data than you need, and wind up paying too much. But how do you know which plan is right for you? Simple. The best cell phone plan is the one that matches your usage habits. That's why at Cricket, you have options.

$70 Unlimited Plan - no limit to high-speed data access
For extremely heavy data users, this cell phone plan is great for:

  • Streaming TV shows, movies, and music for hours
  • Online gaming
  • Common activities like web surfing, posting to social media, and talking & texting (unlimited)

$60 Plan - 12 GB of high-speed data access
For heavy data users, this cell phone plan is great for:

  • Frequent but limited streaming of TV shows, movies, and music
    TIP: stream standard quality video, not HD, to save on high-speed data!

$50 Plan - 8 GB of high-speed data access

For moderate data users, this cell phone plan is great for:

  • Surfing the web, emailing, posting to social media
  • Music streaming
  • Short video streaming
  • Light gaming
  • Activities like talking & texting (unlimited)

$40 Plan - 3 GB of high-speed data access

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For light data users, this cell phone plan is great for:

  • Web surfing
  • Posting to social media
  • Occasional streaming of short video/music clips

$30 Plan - 1 GB of high-speed data access

For extra-light data users, this cell phone plan is great for:

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Light web surfing and occasional music/video streaming
  • Posting photos to social media

Besides data access plans, we also have ofther specialty plans and features to choose from, including

Benefits of Cricket Cell Phone Plans

Inexpensive Prices

Our cheap, prepaid phone plan prices are very budget-friendly - yet they offer all the important features you want, such as unlimited talk and text. Plus, there's no annual contract. You may also be able to find some great cell phone deals.

Monthly Rate Plan Prices Include Taxes and Fees

All of our prepaid monthly rates include taxes and fees, so you know exactly what you'll be paying. For your convenience, you can also set up Auto Pay on your account.

Great 4G LTE Coverage Nationwide

Group Save Discounts

Share your Cricket account with your friends or family members and save up to $100/month when you have five eligible plans (plans starting at $40/mo are eligible for Group Save discounts). It's easy to switch to Cricket online, and now new customers can order up to five lines of service in one easy transaction.


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