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Samsung Protection Plus  August 3, 2019 – 03:13 am
3 Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

This is a legal contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). By purchasing it, You understand that it is a legal contract and acknowledge that You have had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions set forth herein. This Plan and the Certificate of Coverage constitute the entire agreement between You and Us. No other representation, promise or condition shall alter or modify these terms.

AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc. is the Obligor and administrator in all states with the exception of Florida and Oklahoma in which AIG Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. is the Obligor. The Obligor is contractually obligated to You to provide service under this Plan in accordance with and as allowed by state law. The Obligor is hereinafter referred to as We, Us and Our, and the purchaser as You and Your. Product refers to the product as listed on the Certificate of Coverage and Your purchase receipt.


We will furnish labor, parts, and/or replacement equipment necessary to repair operational or mechanical breakdowns of the Product, provided such service is necessitated by Product failure during normal usage. The Product specified and covered includes only equipment as originally configured from the manufacturer. Coverage also applies to the parts that are necessary to the Product’s functionality, but does not apply to accessories that are used in conjunction with or to enhance the performance of the Product. This Plan is inclusive of the Product’s manufacturer’s warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty. Parts and services covered under the manufacturer’s warranty during the manufacturer’s warranty period or that are the subject of a manufacturer recall are the responsibility of the manufacturer and are not covered under this Plan.


This plan has a fifteen (15) day wait period. The wait period ends fifteen (15) days from your coverage begin date listed on your certificate of coverage.


You must obtain authorization prior to the receipt of a replacement Product.

  • You may be required to provide Proof of Purchase of your device before a replacement will be authorized
  • Instructions on obtaining replacement will be given once the replacement has been authorized
  • Once authorization is obtained you will be required to return the defective Product to the administrator. If the defective Product covered under this Plan is not received within twenty one (21) days, you will be subject to a non-return fee of $500
  • Damaged or Defective Product is not to be taken to the Retailer
  • Deductible will be collected prior to the authorization of a replacement
  • Replacement Product will be mailed to you at no cost

ADH coverage is available under this Plan if it is listed on Your Certificate of Coverage. ADH covers operational or mechanical failure caused by an accident from handling, such as drops and liquid spills, which arise from normal daily usage of the Product as the manufacturer intended. ADH does not include protection against normal wear and tear, theft, misplacement, negligence, viruses, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the Product, cosmetic damage and/or other damage that does not affect the unit functionality, damage caused during shipment between You and Our service providers and any other limitations listed in the Limitations of Coverage section. Any secondary damage, such as a vehicle running over the Product after the Product has been dropped, is not covered. You will be required to provide a detailed explanation of how Your Product was damaged to submit a claim under this coverage. The effective and expiration date of Your ADH coverage will be listed on the Certificate of Coverage.


We will assist You in understanding Your benefits from the day You purchase Your Plan. If Your Product needs repair You are required to call Us at the toll free number listed on the Certificate of Coverage. Our toll free number is available 24 hours a day 364 days per year. You may also contact Us in writing at 650 Missouri Ave., Jeffersonville, IN 47130. With any correspondence, please provide Your daytime phone number and claim number if applicable. The expiration dates of this Plan are listed on the Certificate of Coverage. There are some limitations of coverage and necessary procedures to be followed to obtain the services under this Plan; You should review these terms and conditions carefully for such details.


Repairs recommended by the repairing facility not necessitated by operational or mechanical breakdown of the Product are not covered unless specifically authorized by Us. Model number and serial number of all Products to be covered must be provided to obtain service. If We determine Your Product is found to be performing to the manufacturer’s specifications, it will be returned to You and no service shall be performed under this Plan. You must back-up any data stored on Your Product before You have it serviced under this Plan. We, and Our service providers, are not responsible for any loss of Your data that was stored on Your Product under any circumstance


If Your claim for service under this Plan is covered and approved by Us, We will at Our option complete the lesser of (a) the replacement of Your product with a new or refurbished product with comparable specifications, (b) repair your product with new or a refurbished parts or (c) Buyout your contract for the lesser of current market value of a Product with comparable specifications or retail price paid for Your Product minus sales tax and claims paid. The decision to replace, repair or Buyout will be made solely by Us. If Your Product requires service, it may only be provided as authorized by Us and is required to be performed by Our authorized service providers. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase as a condition for receiving service under this Plan.


Parts used to repair Your Product and products that are provided to You as a replacement for Your Product may either be new or refurbished at Our sole discretion.


If We determine that We are unable to repair Your Product due to the unavailability of parts, service or technical information, or if the cost to repair will exceed the Limitations of Liability as described herein, the total liability owed to You under this Plan will be that as set forth in the Limitations of Liability section of this Plan. If parts or technical information are on extended backorder for a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days, We will determine, at our sole discretion, whether a replacement product or reimbursement will be made.


This Plan has a deductible if stated on the Certificate of Coverage.


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