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LifeProof iPhone cases Reviews

Customer Reviews & Ratings for LifeProof nüüd Case for iPhone 6  March 11, 2017 – 04:16 pm
Waterproof iphone case

I purchased my 1st Lifeproof for my 5, then 5S, then 6+. After 2 years on the 6+ it was getting pretty worn and I was worried about it failing at the wrong time so I bought another. I'm not sure why, but they redid the case. My initial thought was "Great! Even better!".

Not so.

The outgoing sound is muffled and unusable without headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. I haven't had the mic issues some report, but the speakers sound as if they are behind a loose piece of tin: Muffled, whiney, with vibration. Thinking it was the specific case, I returned it and got another. Same issue. I then returned it to the store and was told "Yeah, we get a lot of these returns because of this. The others just use headphones 100% of the time." Needing a case for a trip I kept it, and still have it as I need the waterproof protection, but HATE it.

I've read the company blames it on Apple sending the wrong specs but a) don't sell them when they don't work, b) the first generation ones worked so if you changed them for the 6S+ then go back to the original, and c) Telling me after I bought it that 'Everyone has that issue, sorry." is about the worst customer service one can get.

Lifeproof was good before selling to OtterBox. Now I am beginning to think they bought it just to sink the company.


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