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Dell Venue 10 7000 review: This isn't your average Android tablet  April 20, 2022 – 06:34 pm

Dell Venue 10 7000 Android TabletAs a Guy Who Reviews Android Devices™, I've been faced with a strange sort of conundrum lately: When someone asks me to recommend a 10-in. Android tablet, I haven't had a good answer.

Sure, there are plenty of options out there. But it's been quite a while since there's been one that's stood out for being really great. Most of the contenders come with at least one serious caveat, be it chintzy construction, less-than-perfect performance, or software that makes you want to strike yourself with the nearest blunt object. And suffice it to say, those kinds of things take significant tolls on what a device is like to use.

You know what, though? My quandary is over. The 10-in. Android tablet is at long last back.

Meet the Dell Venue 10 7000. Yup - a device from Dell. It might sound like an unexpected source for excitement, but if you've been paying attention over the past several months, it shouldn't come as a total surprise.

Forget what you think you know about Dell: The company's been on a rampage lately with distinctive and beautifully designed devices that put other products to shame. From the sexy XPS line of Ultrabooks to the sleek and striking Venue 8 7000 Android tablet, Dell's been showing it's serious about creating lust-worthy gadgets with spectacular user experiences.

Dell Venue 10 7000 CylinderThe new Venue 10 7000 is no exception. I've been living with the tablet for the past couple of weeks, and let me tell you: This thing is an absolute delight to use. (And as anyone who's read many of my reviews knows, I don't throw those kinds of compliments around lightly.)

The Venue 10 is the bigger brother to the aforementioned Venue 8 7000, which I praised earlier this year for its exceptional design, display, and approach to Android software. The Venue 10 follows the same basic footprint and also introduces some significant new elements into the equation.

Like most nice things, it comes at a cost: The Venue 10 7000 runs $499 for a 16GB model, $549 for 32GB, or $629 and $679 for those same setups along with a keyboard docking attachment (which is a real high point, as we'll get to in a minute). A quick tip, though: You can get 50 bucks off the tablet-plus-keyboard prices if you buy the device from Dell's website with the coupon code 4S79F2CJG4M between now and the end of July.

Dell Venue 10 7000 CaseA premium body with an unusual form

I won't lie: After years of holding uniformly shaped rectangular slates, seeing one with a base at one end is a little weird at first. But you know what? I've actually found I like it. A lot.

The base gives you a handle of sorts on which to hold the tablet when you're using it vertically - which results in a very comfortable feel reminiscent of holding a folded-over magazine. When you flip the tablet horizontally, the base sits at the bottom and serves as a natural pivot for the tablet to rest on your lap. It does make the tablet a teensy bit bulky - at 1.32 lbs., the Venue 10 isn't the lightest slate around - but I honestly haven't given that an ounce of thought (so to speak) as I've used the thing.

Handling perks aside, the cylinder houses the Venue 10's impressive front-facing dual stereo speakers along with the device's battery. That arrangement allows the tablet to remain remarkably thin, at just under a quarter-inch in thickness - the same measurement as Apple's iPad Air 2, a device frequently praised for its svelte form.

Dell Venue 10 7000 KeyboardThe whole Venue 10 tablet is encased in a dark metal finish that gives it an ultra-premium vibe. The only gripe I could raise is that the finish tends to pick up and show off a lot of greasy fingerprint smudges. (And I haven't been eating nachos while using it, either.) It's a minor blemish in an otherwise outstanding design, though, and one I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over.

A killer keyboard experience

The Venue 10 7000's secret weapon is without a doubt its optional keyboard attachment. The aforementioned cylinder snaps right into the keyboard's top, effectively turning the tablet into a notebook-like device - complete with a swiveling lid that can shut all the way to double as a case.

The keyboard is, in a word, fantastic: Though not full-sized, its keys are well-spaced, responsive, and sturdy, with just the right amount of give. I can happily type long emails or pound out documents on it without any frustration - which is more than I can say for pretty much every other tablet keyboard case I've ever used.

Oh, and the keys are actually backlit. The lights come up when you're actively using the keyboard and dim down automatically when you're not. It really feels like a notebook-caliber experience.

The hinge that joins the tablet to the keyboard is secured by magnets and strong enough to keep the screen steady while you type, even when you reach up to tap the display. At the same time, it's easy to detach: You just push the screen back past its farthest supported angle - roughly 140 degrees - and it snaps right off.


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