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Craig Android tablet review

NSR Business SolutionsCraig Anderson, Author at NSR Business  May 7, 2017 – 12:06 am

Craig's Profile PictureNSR Business Solutions is excited to announce that we’ve moved into a great new office! Effective July 23, we are in a modernized facility that is much roomier, allowing for our expanding team and giving us more space to work on downed machines or play with the NSR fliers. Our upgraded systems (both on-site and “in the cloud”) allow us to provide an even higher level of support for our clients. We also have a full sized refrigerator, a working kitchen, and even onsite showers so our determined technicians and programmers never have to actually leave the office.

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Adds significant Cloud and Mobile tools.

Today, we are glad to announce our new partnership with Citrix.

The workplace of the 21st century is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven in part by innovation in consumer technology. People are increasingly bringing the smartphones, tablets and other devices they use ubiquitously in their personal lives into the workplace and expecting the same kind of rich, self-service experience they have at home. This “consumerization” is driving rapid change in business and IT, dissolving the lines between work and play, the office, home or somewhere in between. Today’s “workplace” is no longer a building you go to; it’s wherever …

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Replacing a PC with an Android Tablet

1 bottle water + 1 cat + 1 MacBook = a tablet experiment!

In August I wrote a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Review in which I gave you a run down on my sweet new Android powered device. Since writing that article I have been loving my Thinkpad Tablet, it’s great for all the reasons a tablet can be great, but how much can I really do with it? Well, it turns out I got to answer this question last month.

I awoke one Monday morning in October to find that my cat had knocked over the open bottle of water …

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One of the best parts of my job is the fact that Christmas comes more than once a year. Every time a cool new piece of hardware comes in all the techs get up from their desks to check out the latest and greatest toy that has come through the door. This month many of us were more excited than usual as the latest and greatest of the Android tablets shipped on the 23rd, and I received the first one a few days later.

The tablet market is one of the hotest segments and growing trends in IT. The advent …

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The challenge of non e-commerce sites in the Google era.

Part 1 in a 3 part series.

“Can my web site really find me new clients?” This is the most common question I receive as head of the NSR web presence management department. More often I hear the statement, “our web site can’t find us new clients”. I have heard this many times from many industries. The common feeling is that unless you sell a product directly to a consumer you have no business running pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, employing a social media campaign, or even focusing on naturalized search optimization …

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With the technology race raging on faster than ever and smart phones and tablets at the forefront of everyone’s attention, Intel is turning heads back to laptops and PC’s with the release of their new solid state hard drives. Intel’s new X25 line of solid state hard drives, or “SSD’s”, are a cutting edge storage technology that will become the new standard in hard drives in the coming years.

Solid state memory isn’t new. You have most likely seen the technology in the form of a “Flash Drive” or SD card in your phones and cameras. What is new is …

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Back in August, Facebook announced Places, a part of the Facebook iPhone App or that allows a user to “Check-In” wherever they are. Similar to FourSquare and Gowalla, Facebook users could then let their friends know where in the world they are.


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