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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review  August 27, 2018 – 08:17 pm
Samsung Galaxy S4

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If you ignore Apple, very few electronic productshave garnered as much attention as the Galaxy S3 in recent years. After the huge success of the Galaxy S2 this is a follow up that many people have expected to again be the flag bearer for Android smartphones. But has Samsung succeeded? Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the pinnacle of Android smartphones, and indeed of mobile phones in general? Lets find out.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Design and Build

Anyone that's already familiar with the Galaxy S3 will know that its design and build has courted controversy. Eschewing the premium feeling materials of the iPhone 4S or HTC One X, it uses a glossy plastic back which, although by no means inherently budget, is a finish more associated with cheaper handsets.

Does this make the Galaxy S3 undesirable? No, it certainly doesn't go that far, and indeed if you put it next to the Sony Xperia S it really shows just how much Sony slipped up on that design, but next to an iPhone 4S or HTC One X it's these two that give off the stronger whiff of craftsmanship.

In practical terms there are a few genuine issues with the Galaxy S3 too. While the polycarbonate that the backplate is made from is very tough due to its pliability, it isn't very scratch resistant, even with an extra scratch resistant coating – either the matt finish of the HTC One X of Xperia S, or glass of the iPhone 4S will standup to more punishment. That said, it should be relatively inexpensive to get replacement backs for the Galaxy, and given that it's a single piece that covers the entire back, this will make your phone scratch-free in one fell swoop.

We've lived with the S3 for a few months now and haven't noticed too many scratches on the back, which is impressive considering we haven't been using a case. Indeed, as predicted Samsung's choice of finishes – glossy white (Marble White) and faux brushed metallic blue (Pebble Blue) wear what scratches they do have reasonably well. A new glossy black version is soon to become available too, though, so we'll have to wait and see how that one holds up.

Speaking of the, we're certainly glad of its arrival because while both the blue and white versions aren't awful by any means, nothing beats good old black.


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