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IPad and Samsung Tablets comparison

Slate Tablet Computers Comparison  January 5, 2023 – 11:35 pm
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablets Comparison: iPad vs. Galaxy Tab vs. HP Slate 500 Side-by-side comparison of the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the HP Slate 500 - . Melanie Pinola

Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and HP's Slate 500 are often mentioned as competing in the same slate tablets space. As you see in the comparison chart, these three tablet computers are pretty similar in terms of screen resolution, touch input, and wi-fi connectivity.

Which one is best for you will ultimately depend on things like your operating system and software preference (Apple apps or Android? or full-fledged Win7?), need for camera for video conferencing/calling, and 3G/4G availability. Here's some info to help you make your decsion:

  • Apple iPad: the ground-breaking "magical and revolutionary device" which has set the initial bar for popular slate tablets. Among the iPad's advantages: hundreds of thousands of apps, the broadest support from third-party developers and product manufacturers, and a large and beautiful screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: This Android tablet has a slightly smaller form factor, dual cameras, is nearly 1/2 the iPad's weight, and is carried on all four major US wireless providers. Depending on your configuration, it could also be less expensive than the iPad.
  • HP Slate 500: is targeted towards business users. Besides offering the robust Windows 7 operating system, the Slate 500 is also the only one of these tablets to be optimized for inking (use of digital pen or stylus input) - excellent for note-takers and artists alike.

See the next page for an additional comparison that includes RIM Playbook and Cisco Cius, both more enterprise/business-friendly devices...

Tablets Comparison: iPad vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Slate 500 vs. PlayBook vs. Cius Side-by-side comparison of the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the HP Slate 500, RIM's PlayBook, and the Cisco Cius - . Melanie Pinola

The HP Slate 500, RIM PlayBook, and Cisco Cius are targeted towards professional users and enterprise managers, while the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are more fit for consumer media consumption. With high-resolution dual cameras, the business devices all emphasize mobile video collaboration. Other points of differentiation:

  • HP Slate 500: Again, the Slate 500 is the only one here with a traditional desktop operating system, so it is most useful for extending users' desktop computing experience to a mobile tablet. While RIM's PlayBook and Cisco's Cius are clearly enterprise-oriented, the HP Slate 500 may have more cross-over-ability into the consumer market, as the PlayBook and Cius have very specific uses.
  • can be tethered to BlackBerry phones and used interchangeably with them - a boon, obviously, for current BlackBerry smartphone users. Since it also plays well with BlackBerry Enterprise, it also will satisfy corporate IT administrators who need to manage these devices for their workforce.


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