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Best Samsung Tablets  April 26, 2017 – 10:53 pm

Samsung is gaining on Apple in the tablet world, and there are many reasons why. Or we should say many devices why. While Apple sells three sizes of the iPad, ranging from $300 to $800, Samsung offers a much broader range of options, from the small and affordable $199 Galaxy Tab E on up to the premium $499 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7.

Samsung offers a similar design and software experience across its top-selling phones and tablets, making the transition feel seamless. Plus, you can use your Samsung slate as a remote control for your TV and enjoy Multi Window split-screen multitasking (on higher-end models). However, some Samsung tablets are more worth your money than others, so use this breakdown before you shop.

At 0.22 inches thick, this tablet is shockingly thin, but Samsung was still able to pack a lot of power into that frame. From its rich, stunning Super AMOLED display to its 32GB of internal storage, this 9.7-inch tablet packs a lot of punch into a tiny body. The Tab S2 9.7-inch is also excellent at multitasking, with the ability to split its screen to display up to five apps at once.

  • With its stunning Super AMOLED display and stylish, svelte design, the S2 8.0-inch may be similar to Samsung's 9.7-inch tablet, but this 8-inch tablet is much easier to keep in the palm of your hand. Its soft-touch back grips well, so you're less likely to drop this slate. The S2 also has an excellent 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, which shoots crisp photos that we found to be accurate with true-to-life color.
  • This tablet is the most affordable slate Samsung sells but it still offers a decent set of features. Its 9.7-inch display is big enough to stream video at an OK resolution. Parents will be relieved to know that Samsung didn't forget about younger users, as this slate offers Kids Mode to limit their usage to safe, child-friendly content.
  • Engineered to survive falls, water and dust, the Tab Active offers all the same goodness you expect from a Samsung slate, but it's rugged. The touch screen even works when you're wearing gloves. We also appreciated its lengthy battery life of 11 hours and 57 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (continuous streaming over Wi-Fi).
  • After the Note 7 met an early retirement, the S Pen stylus is getting a second life on the new Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch tablet. You'll use the pen to create GIFs from video playing on the slate's display, and it will also help with translation and pronunciation. Note-takers may also appreciate the S Pen, as it offers a "ballpoint pen-like" feel for more comfortable writing and integration with the new Notes app, which makes it easier to access Samsung's writing apps.


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