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Top 10 Smartphones At Mobile World Congress 2016: Samsung, LG, Sony, Microsoft, CAT And More  February 15, 2023 – 12:19 am

5G mobilePeople walk past a 5G banner during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 23, 2016. Photo: Reuters

BARCELONA, Spain – There are smartphones everywhere you look at Mobile World Congress. Big ones, small ones, expensive ones and cheap ones. Dozens of manufacturers vie for attention with tiny companies battling alongside massive multinationals, all eager to tell those who will listen why their smartphone is better than anyone else's .

To find the most interesting devices requires visitors to navigate the vast halls and booths housed in the capacious Fira Gran Via in the middle of Barcelona. The industry extravaganza gives those present a sense of how the smartphone market is shaping up for the year ahead, so what does 2016 hold in store?

Nextbit Robin Hands-On

The Nextbit Robin is a design-centric smartphone with a cloud-based version of Android on board. Photo: David Gilbert

Again, like the Lumia 650, the Nextbit Robin is not exactly new, and the company didn't even have a booth at MWC, but as the Robin offers something different in the sea of smartphone sameness, it is worth a mention. Tom Moss and Scott Croyle from Nextbit were present at the show to talk about the smartphone, which is focused on unique design and a cloud-based version of Android. The initial run of Robins sold out in a couple of days earlier this month but Moss had good news for those eager to buy one as the new stock will go on sale from Wednesday.HTC Desire 530 Hands On Croyle said the company is solely focused on getting the Robin into the hands of customers at the moment, so don't expect a VR headset or smartwatch any time soon.

HTC Desire 530

The HTC Desire 530 is a budget smartphone that is not trying to look like a more expensive smartphone. Photo: David Gilbert

Considering it is dying a slow death in the smartphone market, it was a surprise to see HTC launch three new smartphones at MWC – and an even bigger surprise that one of them was rather good. The Desire 530 adds a splash of color to the relatively mundane world of smartphone design, with a plastic speckled back that is embracing – rather than hiding – its budget pricing. That pricing hasn't been revealed yet but indications are that it will be certainly in the sub-$200 range. The phone won't challenge the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 for the "Phone of the Year" title – but for those looking for something a bit different, it could be a winner.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Hands On LG G5 Review Xperia XA Hands-On Microsoft Lumia 650 Hands-On


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