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Most reliable mobile phone brand

Best mobile phone brands  December 20, 2017 – 08:31 am
Want to know which mobile 87% 82%

With an impressive clutch of Best Buys and numerous high-scoring phones, this brand does incredibly well in the test lab. It's popular with our members, too, achieving the highest customer score of all mobile phone manufacturers in our survey. It's a premium brand, but these results show it's a solid investment.

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72% 77%

This brand offers a small but credible range of mobile phones. Its handsets don't achieve the very top scores in our tests, but are nevertheless highly regarded by our members. Its phones aren't often the cheapest, but they're well worth considering.

61% 72%

With a few handsets for under £150, this brand is ideal for those on a budget. It scores well with our members and although we've found only a few worthy of our Best Buy recommendation, they're nevertheless some of the best value models around and certainty worth a look.

72% 67%

One of the biggest and most popular mobile phone brands in the market, this manufacturer has a huge range and a phone to suit any budget. It has some of the best scoring phones, but also some of the worst. Also, the customer score and reliability rating are OK, but nothing special.

65% 61%

This brand has a large range, from cheap sub-£100 models to those closer to the £500 mark. Its more expensive phones offer quirky designs and solid performance, and they often score well in our lab. Members are less impressed, though, with an average customer score and mediocre reliability rating.

70% 57%

This manufacturer has a few phones that score highly in our test lab. But its reliability rating is among the lowest, and its customer score is nothing to write home about, either.

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52% 56%

This is another brand that focuses on the more affordable end of the market; and some of its handsets are good for those on a budget. Sadly our members don't rate it as highly as other budget brands.

63% 53%

In 2015, this brand earned a paltry two stars for reliability, but this year stormed into first place for reliability. But there's a word of caution - most of this brand's phones in our survey were bought in the last two years, as it's relatively new to the UK, so we're looking forward to seeing how its reliability fares in the future. Its customer score is still low.

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64% 51%

We've found some Best Buy mobile phones from this brand, but it receives the lowest customer score of the bunch. Its more affordable phones impress less in our tests, so make sure you consult our reviews before you buy a phone from this brand.

Brand Average test score Customer score Reliability rating


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