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The Hit List for iPhone 2.0: Released  May 30, 2022 – 07:36 pm

Update: Intro pricing on The Hit List for iPhone 2.0 and The Hit List for Mac has been extended until January 15th. Details below…

You've been patient since March, when we acquired The Potion Factory and dug in on development of the new version of The Hit List for iPhone. Along the way, the design had to be adjusted for what we learned in June at WWDC, and adjusted again for the new form factors announced in September. Today you'll be happy to know we've released The Hit List for iPhone version 2.0!

If you also use The Hit List for Mac, the big news is that access to our sync service is now included for keeping your tasks and lists in sync between desktop and mobile devices. But wait, there’s more, for everyone…


A major goal with version 2.0 was to improve the workflow throughout the app, to make everything that little bit more efficient for you. We started with the task “card” concept which has long sat at the heart of The Hit List.

Under 1.x, the need for an explicit “Edit” mode was quite a bottleneck, so we ditched it! Want to add some notes? Just tap and start typing. How about changing the title or adjusting the dates? Same again. Behind the scenes, your changes are automatically saved and sent to the sync service.

With that out of the way, we could bring the card concept to a fuller realization and remove the “Back” button. Now, cards slide in from the bottom of the screen, and can be swiftly dismissed with a simple swipe gesture. The end result is more space for your task on the screen, coupled with faster navigation.

You can do more with your tasks right there from the card too. For example, subtasks are now typed directly into the card, making entry a breeze, while still giving you the full power of opening up the subtask and editing its details.

Start and Due dates are entered directly with an inline calendar. Much like the Calendar app, it scrolls infinitely, giving you faster access to far-off dates. And there are convenient buttons for selecting Today, Tomorrow, or Next Week.

Task List Shortcuts

Power users have come to expect to swipe left on a task to reveal a shortcut for Delete. We took that further and added buttons to Move or Cancel the task too.

And that’s not all; swipe right to reveal shortcuts for the Start date: Today, Tomorrow or Next Week. These are quite handy for clearing a Today list after overcommitting oneself!

Home Screen

The special lists — Inbox, Today, and Upcoming — have been re-arranged. The new arrangement uses a little less space overall, leaving more room for your lists. But those special lists are also fixed in place so you have convenient access to them at all times.


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