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Best smartphones for startups and entrepreneurs: iPhone vs Android vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry  December 6, 2020 – 12:55 pm
Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: not the iPhone

2. Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: not the iPhone

What does matter is that if it isn't an iPhone accessory, or iPhone software, it won't work on your iPhone. You can't expand the storage or use a USB adaptor. Don't even think about fleet management or remote data lock down. And all of this for around twice what you would pay for the equivalent spec on Android or Windows Phone.

3. Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: Android

Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: AndroidShould you, then, plump for an Android? Quite possibly, but this is not without problems of its own.

On the plus side, the best Androids are every bit as good as the iPhone in all respects. Phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge offer much better displays, expandable storage, and compatibility with all USB powered peripherals. And because it is Android, your device will be customisable, and compatible with Google Docs, as well as all the other Google tools you use such as Analytics, or Google Drive.

Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: not AndroidCompared to the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers better battery life and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge provides a bigger screen and room for a bigger battery, ideal for entrepreneurs on the go.

4. Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: not Android

Problems with Android? Well, not all Androids are made equal. And although the cheaper ones are, well, cheap, they may not be fit for purpose. Then there is the potential security risk inherent in a more open system. And, finally, like the iPhone Android is not really made for business, so you can forget about remotely managing a colleague's phone.

5. Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: BlackBerry

Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: BlackBerrySo then, there is always the BlackBerry. Contrary to popular belief the old BlackBerry is still alive and kicking out new phones. And the two most recent ones - the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport - are really good. For a BlackBerry. BlackBerry phones are good only for business: hardware keyboards, enterprise level security and fleet management, email, spreadsheets. The dull stuff. If that is good for you, good for you.

Oh, and there is a good chance that at some stage BlackBerry will cease to be BlackBerry. But someone like Microsoft or Samsung will buy it, so it is a safe bet.

Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: Windows Phone

6. Best smartphone for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs: Windows Phone

Which brings us to the unloved Windows Phone. Unloved, but possibly perfect for small businesses - especially if you use Windows 10, Office 365, Skype, and so on. Windows Phone is like a BlackBerry for the future. It lacks the app support of Android or iPhone, but still has support for all the big apps. The media story isn't much to write home about, and the phones themselves are far from sexy. But they work, well.

And Windows 10 for mobile offers good compatibility with other Microsoft software, great security features, and the ability for a sys admin to look after a fleet from anywhere. You may not want to hear this, but a Windows Phone may be just what you need.


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