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Apple iPhone 5s USER REVIEWS AND RATINGS  March 17, 2017 – 04:51 pm
IPhone 5S first TV commercial

There is something a prospective buyer should understand before even looking to buy an iphone 5s. I'm no apple fanboy, trust me, but it IS the best phone available on market right now. Not the most value for money, but the ultimate best. The Primera. Looks wise, I'd say its not a bad job. The same signature look that it has carried on since long. The gold and gray look fantastic, and feels nice in hand as well. But looks aren't even the intro to the whole story. The A7 chip inside is the best processor available on market for mobile devices, even better than the top of the line SnapDragon 800 which is the best any android/windows phone can offer. The performance gains are not significant enough to matter to a casual user, or any user unless you were really looking for it. Its like saying ones a lockhead blackbird and others a falcon htv2. FYI, they're both insanely fast aircrafts. For people like us, its insignificant which is really faster. The 64bit architecture wouldnt matter much to the normal user as long as the applications dont make use of it. Its just apple being paranoid as usual about being future proof. In addition to the processor capabilities, a major plus of Apple devices is that iOS7 was optimized for A7, while android(kitkat or jbean or whatever) is not. Android runs on a vm which leeches out a bit of the potency. The GPU performance is commendable, and the motion processor m7 is also a unique characteristic, though if its full potential can be used in normal scenario remains to be seen. Yet. The fingerprint scanner is a new innovation, and seems to work pretty good unless your hands are too sweaty. Currently its use is limited though in time in-app authentication as well as credit card/bank acc/wallet authentication could also be done using it. Lots to look forward to. Downsides are also there, iOS7 needs more optimization to be better. And some might prefer a bigger screen to utilize all that juice inside. Though IMO the size seems optimum, not too big for a phone, and not too small to be disappointed. The battery could be a bit improved too, to last more than a day. A7/M7/PowerVR6 does drink a lot of power. All in all, I5s is not your casual whip-it-out-of-the-pocket-and-throw-it-to-the-bed smartphone, its a carefully constructed marvel. Powerful, future proof upto maybe 2+years, which is not something any other phone can boast about. Only two things stand in the way of it being the optimum phone, 1st being on the higher side of the food chain, and 2nd the more important one, we dont need that much power or performance. Yet. The app ecosystem, however large and varied it is, still doesnt have any applications that make use of the a7/m7 processors inside, or the 64bit architecture for that matter. And without it, its just a lamborghini on indian roads. Still, It IS the most expensive phone on the market. And again, it IS better than any, and you don't get to be the best without beating the best, and it costs to do that


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