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mdpi image is too small for 10" android tablet  June 14, 2021 – 03:50 pm
Android 4.2 7 Inch Tablet

If you want to achieve this without increasing your app size, there is a way to let a high density screen and a large medium density screen use the same resource. You need to place the image you want to re-use in the 'drawable-nodpi' folder. This will stop the platform performing its own scaling when using it. For example, assuming you have a resource called 'my_resource', if you want the tablet-size screen to use your xhdpi resource, then move it out of drawable-xhdpi and rename it like this:


Then in both the drawable-xhdpi and drawable-xlarge folders, create a file called my_resource.xml which looks like this:

Now when you use @drawable/my_resource, the xhdpi version will be used by xhdpi screens and xlarge screens, and you only have to maintain one version of the image. I use this technique quite a lot and it works really well. Hope that helps!


AOSON 8 Inch Tablet Android 5.1 Lollipop A33 Quad-core CPU,IPS HD 800*1280 Touchscreen,1GB RAM 16GB ROM,3000mAh,Dual Camera, Bluetooth,Wi-Fi Tablet PC M812 White
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