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Tablet with largest screen size

Large Screen Tablets Comparison  November 18, 2015 – 05:23 pm
Best Big Screen Tablet To Buy:

Remember when you were young and technology got smaller every year? Me neither! Those days are LONG GONE. Now the buzz in tech is BIGGER - I want to play PS4 on a TV so big I have to stand it diagonally just to fit it in my room. My PC monitors, where once I was happy to have 20 inches, are now starting to look small - they are 24 inches!

And tablets? You bet I want a huge screen. When I'm streaming Netflix I want to see every flaw in the actors' faces. When I'm gaming I demand to see every perfectly-rendered hair on my main character's head. Do I want to have to go to my desktop every time I decide to update a spreadsheet? No I do not.

Fortunately, tablet makers are churning out new tablets with massive screens faster than you can say '10 inch is the new 8 inch'.

These bad boys aren't as portable as their dwarfish brothers - though some are surprisingly thin and light - but prop them on a desk and you've got yourself a powerful portable media station, gaming device, or workstation.

What to Consider When Buying a Large-Screen Tablet

* Check the battery life - large screens drain power faster. Having to recharge more often might be a compromise you're not willing to take.
* Check the resolution and ppi - (pixels per inch) - the higher the better. There's no point having a 20-inch tablet with the same resolution as a Commodore 64.
* You're going to have to pay more for the larger screen. I mean, you knew that before you came to this page, but it's a huge factor in your final decision. How much is an extra inch of screen worth to you? A hundred dollars? Fifty? Two hundred?

About This Table

* Click the name of the tablet to read our full review - our rating (out of 5) is summarised on the right-hand side.
* You can click any heading to sort by that field.
* ppi means pixels per inch - a higher number means more detail (=better)
* Ghz is the processor speed
* Storage and RAM are listed in Gigabytes
* Battery life is listed in hours - it's either the manufacturer's rating or based on our own testing. Your experience may differ slightly - there are lots of factors involved in determining battery life, such as screen brightness and which apps you are running.


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